Responsible Gaming Policy

Family, Friends, Relatives and Well – Wishers are some of the most important people in someone’s life because they will always be there for you. To make this bond stronger and to promote healthy relationship we at GamesKraft have exclusively launched Teenpattimasterapp for near and dear ones to stick together. Teenpattimasterapp allows only closed group of friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, well – wishers and known people to play Teen Patti at at Teenpattimasterapp, value our Teen Patti Master game players, and hence encourage them to play responsibly. takes great pride in offering a responsible and enjoyable online Teen Patti Master gaming experience to it’s players; by taking protective measures which keep our users away from unpleasant situations that may arise while playing Teen Patti Master . Our dedicated team keeps a close eye on our users’ activities to alert them if we find any signs of compulsive/addictive behaviours.

  1. Responsible Playing

      • Be productive in your daily routine to avoid any chances to getting obsessed with online Teen Patti Master.
      • Keep in mind that playing Teen Patti Master is a recreational activity meant for fun and entertainment.
      • Set time limit to play Teen Patti Master.
      • Avoid playing continuously and take regular breaks.
      • Do not let Teen Patti Master disturb your important daily works/routine.
      • Strike a balance – Balance your gaming with indulging in other activities. Make sure your playing does not cause problems in your personal lives. Know when to stop and avoid overplaying.
      • Keep a separate budget for playing. Do not play with the money you have kept for some other important or essential purposes.
      • Keep studying and analysing your game so you can figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Be mindful of your performance so you know when to stop.
      • Do not play when you are tired, overwhelmed, or under great stress. Moreover, you should also not play when you are in the middle of working or doing something important. Allocate a separate and specific time for playing.
      • Do not chase your losses in an attempt to recoup them at tables with higher stakes.
      • Let playing be just one part of your life and NOT the whole of it. Find other sources of entertainment too so you can maintain a proper balance between playing and other activities and hobbies.
      • Avoid playing while under the influence of alcohol.
  2. Responsible Playing

      In our efforts to be a play responsibly online gaming service, we have identified certain preventive measures:

      • Person must be 18 years of age to play Teen Patti Master.
      • We have a super-active monitoring mechanism for Teen Patti Mastergames on our website to detect any possible fraudulent behaviours.
      • We have an active anti-collusion environment on our website to maintain fair play.
      • We use supreme encryption techniques to prevent security features and protect our users’ details.
      • Self – ExclusionThe player has to contact the customer support in case the player wishes to permanently self-exclude himself from Teenpattimasterapp and once the requisition is processed then the associated account cannot be resumed or released. However, any such account which is processed for permanent self – exclusion can be re-opened only after 15 days of cool-off period, if the player does not use this option within 15 days then his account will be permanently self – excluded and cannot be resumed or released.
      • Chat BehaviourTo keep the near and dear ones closer Teenpattimasterapp offers interactive chat feature to its players while gaming. The player shall avoid spamming, abusing, bullying, profanity, racist/ blasphemous/derogatory comments and any other form of condescending remarks and shall refrain from any forms of solicitation. If the player involves himself into these activities then this may lead to banning of user accounts. The chat feature shall be used only to discuss Teen Patti Master.
      • Multiple Accounts ProhibitedAccording to our Teenpattimasterapp policy, a user is allowed to have only one account at Teenpattimasterapp. If it is found that a player is holding more than one account, then we instantly terminate the account of that player.
      • Restricted LocationsEnsures geographical location restrictions so that players from those states that do not allow online gaming cannot play Teen Patti Master.